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Intelligent Tool Cabinet Intelligent Tool Cabinet
Used for storage of various standard and non-standard tools, allowing for intelligent management. Allows the management of use of tools and is convenient to store and retrieve, which improves the 6S management. The tools can be detected automatically by the system. According to practical requirements, it counter-changes the tools in short time, which satisfies the different styles of manufacturing. Allows improved management of the use of tools, preventing unauthorised operation and repetitious usage. Identifies the operator automatically and requires auxiliary password input, which ensures the sole permission of operation. The system will give an alarm automatically when an unauthorised operation is made, allowing supervisors to check and trace. Allows the automatic management of storage and retrieval, and it can check and trace the tools’ movements immediately. Analyses and detects the rationality of tool configuration, reduces the wastage of tools and improves tool management. Information management. It is convenient and quick to check according to the tools’ type or storage position. Alarm unless the tools are returned on time, ensuring the punctual return of tools. Integrated with ERP and other management systems if required. Especially suitable for the working site, which has the advantages of time-saving, high-efficiency and accuracy for tools’ storage and retrieval. Especially suitable for enterprises which require strict management of tools, such as Aviation and Spaceflight industries.
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